Khadine + CJ ~ As the time goes by

Fifteen years.
Of birthdays, anniversaries, proms and graduations.
Of family gatherings, and hanging out with friends.
Of dates and kisses.
Of love letters (which CJ and Khadine have saved for all these years).
And of stories.
Stories about how CJ would meet Khadine at the bus stop and then run to school during high school. Or how about the one where they had their first kiss? The stories add up over the years. The best part about it is this is just the beginning. They’re going to have a whole new set of stories to tell now.

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Melissa + Donnell

Melissa + Donnell from Philip Small on Vimeo.

Simple is beautiful. Melissa and Donnell wanted a simple video.

The most important thing to them was to be able to look back on the ceremony and see the day that they tied the knot. In addition to that we put together this highlights edit, but decided to also keep it simple. The tempo, the movement, and the emotion captured were all part of the story of Melissa + Donnell.

Simple, beautiful and with love.

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Be Strong

Be Strong from Philip Small on Vimeo.

There is a strength/weakness balance that comes from a relationship with God.

Some people don’t realize that without God they can do nothing. We are weak. Even though we may be intelligent, successful, good looking, or in excellent physical condition, those things which we think make us “strong” individuals are really just gifts given to us by God. He makes us strong. Realizing your true weak and dependent state is the first step towards relying on Him.

The idea came to me to take characteristics like strength, determination, courage and others and show them as they relate to a Christian experience. I decided to begin with strength. I called up James from Obesity Bootcamp because he is an obvious example of strength. Visually he fits the analogy well, but even more importantly his faith in God and his reliance on Him makes the analogy complete.

This is a call to remember that the Creator is responsible for sustaining you and blessing you with gifts to bless others. So, the next time you are reminded about your “strengths” in compliments, rewards or accolades, remember it was the Creator who gave it to you. He will continue to pour out strength. Just remember where that strength came from. Be strong.

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September 29, 2012 - 11:29 pm

Chip Dizard - Amazing! Music, timing, slow-motion. Great job Phil and James! Wow.

Jeniece + Tim

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Phil and Jeanne do New Hampshire

Beauty as far as the eye can see. Snow-capped mountains stand tall and give way only to the magnificent heavens above. Rivers winding and streams curling from the sky down to our feet. Rocks smoothly carved by the same unseen hand that throws the water over the falls.

I could see it all if I could only see past the lady in front of me- but I couldn’t. She covered my view of the scene as if her hands were over my eyes. Without a word, her eyes stared unchallenged into mine and swallowed my thoughts.

To Jeanne, the woman
who dances freely within my mind,
who writes her thoughts into my heart,
who speaks joy into my soul,

I love you

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September 29, 2012 - 11:26 pm

Chip Dizard - Great Pics Phil!

I haven’t met Jeanne yet, but I know she is a wonderful person. It’s always good working with you and reading your blog. I just want to know who took the pics? Help me know….